Grerial Recycling
Limited resources, but unlimited circulation. We advocate “making every piece of textiles endless”.
Grerial makes the life cycles of the textiles infinite loops by creating safe, high-qualified, environmental friendly green fibers, dope dyed, and woven to environmental friendly fabrics through recycling waste textiles, using high temperature changes and the orderly arrangement of the molecules.
We are not people who consume energies. but We are cycling Grerial who protects the environment.
Finished Products
Our products are widely used in clothing, home textiles, bags and suitcases, packaging, carpets, sound insulation materials and other industries. The “textile-textile” repeated and multilevel closed-loop is achieved to the greatest extend.
Social Responsibilities
The ultimate reformation of “textiles”. We always keep the road of environmental protection. 
The only mission of Grerial is “to provide green services of sustainable development to the environmental burdens brought by the waste textiles”.